Restylane SubQ (1x2ml).

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Restylane SubQ is injected deeper to add volume and support the overlying tissue, providing facial fullness and restoring symmetry. This treatment is ideal for patients with flattened facial features, or those with an unbalanced or asymmetrical face.


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Subcutaneous implant RESTYLANE SUBQ is the product from the line of the most dense bulk filler of the company “Q-Med”. The manufacturer produced a gel with large particles of hyaluronic acid, which fill the volume immediately after injection.

Safety of RESTYLANE SUBQ is clinically proven. The preparation is effective for 10-12 months. To enhance the result you can repeat the session in 2-4 months.

Among the main advantages of the filler RESTYLANE SUBQ specialists outline:

  • Non-conflict components. To achieve the best result, the drug can be combined with other types of cosmetic injection, e.g. of botulinum toxin. It is also possible to re-inject the filler.
  • The long-term effect. Improvements come from the first days. The duration of the action depends on the individual characteristics of the client’s body. The result can be prolonged up to 14-15 months.
  • No dangerous reactions. The volume corrector is suitable even for patients with hypersensitive skin. The solution is hypoallergenic.
  • Easiness of injection. The procedure can be performed using a cannula or needles of a standard diameter. The session lasts an average of 15 to 50 minutes. An implant is injected deep into the dermis.
  • Even distribution. RESTYLANE SUBQ is thick, does not spread, and easily fills the area into which the injection was made. The substance can be spread by a light massage.
  • The ability to catalyze the synthesis of collagen. Hyaluronic acid effectively resuscitates the plasticity of the skin, increases the turgor and effectively operates with flabbiness.

This subcutaneous implant is based on stabilized synthetic hyaluronic acid with transverse molecular chains. The component has a non-animal origin, so the gel does not provoke an allergy and is not rejected by the body.

Attracting and accumulating water in the depot under the skin, RESTYLANE SUBQ quickly replenishes the lost volume and permanently retains its shape in the problem area. The prolonged action and versatility of the filler are also explained by the ability of the hyaluronic acid to retain water.

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RESTYLANE SUBQ has a wide spectrum of action. Cosmetologists successfully use this tool to improve the shapes and facial features in areas with pronounced lipodystrophy. The filler can be injected in the neck to smooth and tighten the dermis. Regardless of the type of correction and the area of injection, the result is noticeable immediately after the first procedure.


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