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Qualitative deficiency of synovial fluids may be very efficiently supplemented by ViscoPlus®.  Visco-supplementation with ViscoPlus® minimizes pain – improves joint mobility, positivly influences synovial metabolism. ViscoPlus® is a hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, that is certified for intra-articular injections in all synovial joints like knee, hip, shoulder, mandibular joint, etc. The therapy with ViscoPlus® consists of 3 injections that should be made by qualified personnel. The targets of the therapy are to reduce the pain in passive state and movement, extend the walking distances, to enable to return to routine activities.

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buy ViscoPlus matrix 75mg

Viscoplus Matrix is ​​used for those with advanced calcification problems in joint areas such as knee, hip, wrist, ankle.
Viscoplus Matrix, a hyaluronic acid produced with recombinant DNA technology, is also the only injection that can be used in Grade 3 and 4.



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